Productions and Workshops

Experience India

An immersive journey showcasing the history of India through music, dance, yoga and storytelling. Perfect for international audiences, conferences and delegations.

Gana Yatra

A musical and spiritual pilgrimage showcasing unity in diversity of India, with devotional songs of various regions and religions, including Bhajan, Abhang, Gurbani, Buddhist chants, Sufi qawwali, Christian hymns and others. Features a 10 member ensemble with accomplished singers and musicians, showcasing the authentic instruments particular to each genre.

Olave Jeevana Saakshaatkara 

Does the subject matter of a classical music concert always have to be devotional? Can we not sing of life, love, loss and longing? Manasi attempts to answer this question with a unique concert production, featuring classical compositions all themed around love in its many forms. This part-monologue, part-concert, part-theatrical experience is both thought-provoking and emotionally captivating.

Giridhara Mira

Manasi brings the story of Mirabai to life through a one-woman show that features her singing and dancing.

Corporate workshops

Create. Communicate. Collaborate.

Manasi believes that the arts are extremely relevant to today’s times. Her dual background in music and management makes her a perfect candidate to deliver unique talks, seminars and workshops to corporate organizations. These sessions drive home ‘creativity, communication and collaboration’ through the arts, and open new vistas in thinking out of the box for corporate teams.
She is a regular visiting faculty for the GeoAmbassador program of Infosys BPM at their Mysore campus
She has conducted workshops at organizations such as Progress Software
She has given lectures on platforms such as the CII India Innovation summit, IIIT-B foundation day lecture, several Rotary club platforms, the Bangalore CEO Network etc.

Making Indian classical music relevant to the contemporary